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Frequently Asked Questions
What kind of land do you have available?

We specialize in land that is vacant and undeveloped. Some of our property may have service (i.e. sewer, water, power, etc.) and some of our property may be completely raw (i.e. no sewer, water, power, etc.). We offer both since different investors want different things. We’ll let you know what is available with each property.

How does purchasing a property from your site work?

Once you find the property you would like, simply “check out”! You will be able to pay the down payment and document processing fee on the website as well as provide your information for the paperwork. Within 1 or 2 business days, you will receive a Contract For Deed (also known as a Land Contract) via an email link to SignNow, an online document signing service. You will be able to review the contract online, sign it, and select your preferred monthly payment method.

Are you a real estate agent?

NO! I am not trying to make commissions off of other people’s property and inflate the price of the land! My company, YOSI INVESTMENTS LLC, owns every property I sell. You are buying directly from the owner at prices that are a fraction of what you would pay if a Realtor got involved.

Do you charge any fees to buy or sell?

We don’t charge home owners any fees to help them find a solution.  We purchase properties at win-win price.  When you buy an investment property from us, we buy the property at a steep discount, add on our property acquisition fee which is our profit for finding and negotiating the deal… and you pay a still deeply discounted price. A win-win for all.

Why are your properties so cheap?

You’ll find land investment properties on this site are discounted around 20% to 50% because of our proprietary marketing systems that get in touch with land owners who need to sell their property. Often times they may want to sell because they need the money so our company can help them out by buying their raw land quickly for cash… which is a win-win. Then, we pass the discount along to you.

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